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Wellspring Counseling was founded in 2013 by Crystal Turman, LCSW, and has a mission to help people reach their mental health goals by discovering their brain’s full potential. Wellspring counselors use not only the latest and most advanced treatment modalities but tailor that treatment to the individual needs of each client. 

As a veteran herself, Crystal, together with her team, seeks especially to serve veterans, first responders, and their families. It is her honor to continue to serve her country in this way. 


Therapy Session

Wellspring Counseling treats individuals, couples, groups, families, and children. We also offer talks and training sessions for the workplace. 

neurofeedback therapy


Neurofeedback therapy provides a mirror for your mind to adjust itself. Imagine an athlete watching footage of herself in a game or a musician watching a performance to learn how to better himself.


Neurofeedback allows the brain to see what brain waves need to be adjusted to increase efficiency and cognitive ability. Through analyzing the feedback you can work out your brain like a muscle. Focusing on certain brain waves in specific areas of the brain can help with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, PTSD, learning and developmental delays, addictions, depression and more.



Listen to Crystal's podcast, Thought Life, with Pastor Bryan Saylor.

what clients say

“I am grateful and blessed to have Crystal’s support, experience, knowledge, and perseverance. Finally finding someone who wants to help my child just as much as I do has been one of the most important parts of our complex journey.”

—J, age 41


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