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The Wellspring staff

Staff Members
Laurence Andrews
Kathryn Adcock

Laurence Andrews, a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Urban Design from Florida Atlantic University, has previously contributed to project coordination and supported planning and design endeavors, showcasing expertise in Urban Design & Planning standards, but is now blending his passion for urban planning with a commitment to mental health.


Having immersed himself in the development field, Laurence served as a Designer and Planner, engaging with both private interests and local government in West Palm Beach. From one-on-one interactions on a local level to designing entire communities, Laurence's ultimate motivation was to comprehend, learn, and contribute to community growth. This commitment extends beyond understanding the physical spaces people inhabit; Laurence is also driven to make a positive impact on mental health and actively seeks ways to give back to the community for overall flourishing.


Currently, as a Neurofeedback Technician, Laurence seamlessly combines previous technological skills with a profound passion for mental health. Specializing in feedback therapy equipment to assist clients, Laurence is dedicated to mental health advocacy and continually pursues education. This dedication aligns harmoniously with his commitment to community development and environmental conservation.


Outside of his professional pursuits, Laurence enjoys creating art, spending time at the beach, playing video games, chilling with his pet cats, and actively participating in community and local events in Melbourne, FL.

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